Ties show people care what they look like and what image they convey (letter)

I read Matt Reed’s thoughts on ties (“The Ties That Bind”). Ties are silly and useless he says, naturally it’s fine if he wants to think along those lines, but it does tend to suggest a lack of thought about why anyone might want to wear one and secondly, a lack of interest in personal style.

In fact he gives the game away a couple of sentences later with the assertion that status is now conveyed by hoodies. That may be the case in some circles, but a well chosen and correctly worn tie still says that the wearer cares what they look like and cares what sort of image they want to project.

Sure, the tie has no actual utility, but then neither does a polished pair of leather shoes or a well-cut suit, other than it looks good and marks you out as a serious person.

A hoodie doesn’t do that, except maybe to skateboarders. Go down the road of only bothering with clothes that have utility and pretty soon we are all just wearing overalls. Of course that would be a lot easier.

It would be easier to eat in McDonalds all the time as well. 

— Andy Wagon

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