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Featuring Ben Sparks discussing the Mandelbrot Set (and Julia Sets). Catch a more in-depth interview with Ben on our Numberphile Podcast: More links & stuff in full description below ↓↓↓ More videos with Ben: Ben Sparks website: And on Twitter: Holly Krieger has done a few Mandelbrot videos on Numberphile… The
Substitution-permutation networks are the basis for almost all modern symmetric cryptography. Dr Mike Pound explains. Tweets by computer_phile This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley. Computer Science at the University of Nottingham: Computerphile is a sister project to Brady Haran’s Numberphile. More at
One of the most famous paradoxes of all of physics – who’s older? Who’s younger? and WHY? ***** Thanks to The Great Courses Plus (free trial here: for supporting MinutePhysics ***** Thanks to everyone who supports MinutePhysics on Patreon! Link to Patreon supporters here: This video is about the famous “Twins paradox”
Sofie’s video: Sofie’s channel: You can learn more about CuriosityStream at Ever wondered, what does stretching do to your muscles and your body? What in the best way to stretch? Science has some answers. If you liked this video check out these: Only some humans can see this type of light How
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Watch my newest video, “The Universe in 7 Objects”: Vsauce2 Merch: Thought Glass explores origins and behaviors while blending physical images with computer graphics. It is performed in one take. How Thought Glass Animation Is Made: **** SOURCES AND LINKS **** Christmas Origins Origin Of Santa Claus
LINKS TO LEARN: Tweets by tweetsauce VSAUCE SHIRTS: music by intro animation by “Big Dog” Crazy LEG Robot: Wheeled-Animal STRAIGHT DOPE: Wheeled-Animal WIKI: WHEEL SPIDER: Bacterial Flagellum: Wheel and Axel Animation: LITTER: Earliest evidence we have of humans using wheels: Dawkins Wheeled-Animal Article:
Who on Earth is exposed to the most ionizing radiation? Check out Audible: I’m filming a documentary for TV about how Uranium and radioactivity have shaped the modern world. It will be broadcast in mid-2015, details to come. The filming took me to the most radioactive places on Earth (and some places, which surprisingly
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The new figure skating scoring system is complicated and controversial. Here’s how it works. Learn why the triple axel is such a big deal: Subscribe to our channel! At the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics, Mirai Nagasu became the first American woman to land a triple axel in an Olympic event, just the third
Ipley Cross, in the middle of the New Forest, is one of the most dangerous road junctions in Britain. Why? • Thanks to Bez, whoever you are: their definitive article on this junction is here: Edited by Michelle Martin Graphics by Mat Hill ADDITIONAL SOURCES: Injured cyclist prompts fresh calls to tackle
Audio Book: Amazon US link: Amazon India Link: Amazon UK link: Ebook on Google Play: New Thinking: As each new stage technology builds on the previous innovations of the last, advancements begin to increase at an exponential rate. Now, more than ever, it’s important to see how we got here.
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Acids are widely considered to be the scariest chemical compounds of all, but bases can be just as powerful. Most powerful of all are a special class of pH scale-defying bases called superbases! Hosted by: Hank Green ———- Support SciShow by becoming a patron on Patreon: ———- Dooblydoo thanks go to the following Patreon
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Check out our Patreon page: View full lesson: Is it possible that overfishing, super germs, and global warming are all caused by the same thing? In 1968, a man named Garrett Hardin sat down to write an essay about overpopulation. Within it, he discovered a pattern of human behavior that explains some of
In Lebanon there is one gunshot a year that isn’t part of a scene of routine violence: The opening sound of the Beirut International Marathon. In a moving talk, marathon founder May El-Khalil explains why she believed a 26.2-mile running event could bring together a country divided for decades by politics and religion, even if
Is time real or is it an illusion? New videos DAILY: Join Big Think Edge for exclusive video lessons from top thinkers and doers: ———————————————————————————- Time can change depending on how fast you’re moving through space. Also, time can “flow” at different rates for different observers. Light doesn’t experience time — it exists
Drawing on more than twenty years of research in the field of behavioural science, Harvard psychologist Susan David reveals how ‘emotional agility’ is the key to flourishing in work and life. Watch Susan David, Instructor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, in our latest RSA Spotlight – the edits which take you straight to the
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Some students in Finland missed out on 1000 euros because they missed this problem! Sources for problem @rizka commented with a link to the 2014 exam (in Finnish). It is question 4: Quadratic equation history (Brahmagupta) Subscribe: Playlist to watch all videos on MindYourDecisions: Click to watch all
Why five-sided figures pose a problem from Professor John Hunton – and a bit about the importance of Penrose Tiling. More links & stuff in full description below ↓↓↓ Professor Hunton works at the University of Leicester. NUMBERPHILE Website: Numberphile on Facebook: Numberphile tweets: Subscribe: Videos by Brady Haran Patreon:
JPEG Isn’t a file format. Image Analyst Mike Pound explains why not in our first in a series about how JPEG works. Colourspaces: Elegant Compression (The LZ Method): Capturing Digital Images (The Bayer Filter): Discrete Cosine Transform: Tweets by computer_phile This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley. Computer
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How much would it take for you to risk $10? Check out Audible: Can you solve this? Regression to the mean: Help translate Veritasium videos into other languages: Psychological literature shows that we are more sensitive to small losses and than small gains, with most people valuing a loss around 1.5-2.5
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Debates are broken. Here’s how to fix them. Subscribe to our channel! The presidential debates have become major media events, but a decreasing share of Americans are watching them. Although that proportion slightly increased for the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the proportion of voting-age Americans watching isn’t nearly what it – – The Delta Works, to the west of the Netherlands, are one of the modern wonders of the world. But there’s other, lesser-known infrastructure there too: including the Rozenburg Wind Wall, on the Caland Canal, which turns a dangerous, windy stretch of canal into a much more navigable bit of water. It’s
Elon Musk’s Neuralink project brain machine interface (BMI) has been floating around as an idea for a while now, but recently we’ve been taken on a detailed inside glimpse of what the technology will entail. Join me as we explore. Podcast links: Google Podcasts – Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Stitcher –
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Behind-the-scenes stories from blockbuster movies can tell us a bit about the process of filmmaking or just make for some silly stories. You’ll learn about “blockbusters” in terms of success (like The Godfather) along with summer popcorn flicks. The List Show is a weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This