Bitcoin Era Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Making passive income is undoubtedly on everyone’s mind. I mean, who doesn’t want to make an extra dollar? This internet era has only made it more accessible due to the access and ease of taking advantage of opportunities that come with it. One such opportunity is digital currency which has taken the world by storm over the last decade. Of this, one that is worth reviewing: Bitcoin Era!

Today we’ll look at the integrity of this digital currency and whether it is a legit way of generating income.

Bitcoin Era

What Is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is an application designed to execute trades based on signals from the digital currency market. At its heart is a robust algorithm tasked with making trading decisions. The algorithm can arrive at a particular judgment based on information sourced from previous charts, patterns, and graphs across the internet. Bitcoin Era is also monitored by regulated brokers just like other human-controlled organizations. As we have seen, the amount of work done by humans in a couple of days is done by Bitcoin Era in mere seconds. If I were to describe Bitcoin Era in three words, it’d have to be “cutting edge technology”!

Is Bitcoin Era Credible? Yes.

Just like any other form of investment, Bitcoin Era also carries some risk. All the more a reason to first research before investing in it. That said, the Bitcoin Era system has never experienced technical hitches or glitches in the past. This performance informs our opinion that it is a reliable, efficient and credible way of making money. It offers a demo account from which one can practice trading before opening a live account. It’s also important to note that Bitcoin Era makes use of account managers and regulated brokers.


How To Trade With Bitcoin Era

Opening an account has never been easier before. What’s more, there are no charges whatsoever. Here are outlined the steps to opening your account.

Let us take you via the process:

1. Registration

You begin by filling in the form below. All it requires are your basic information. Once you’ve submitted this, please expect a call from one of our account managers.

Bitcoin Era

2. Deposit

Opening a live trading account with Bitcoin Era costs about €250. To ensure that deposits are safe and client information doesn’t leak, Bitcoin Era employs the use of an SSL certificate.

3. Demo Account

The Bitcoin Era demo account is very impressive. It provides both new users and traders who have a background in trading a platform to get their hands dirty, and this is especially important for people who would need some practice or learning before going live.

4. Live Trading

It is advisable that before switching to the live account that one demo trades for some time. Not only is the practice critical, but it also gives them the hands-on experience that they require. Once they’re comfortable trading on the demo, they can then go live trading. You’ll always have one of our account managers ready to assist you in case of any questions that you may have.


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What is Bitcoin Era?
Is Bitcoin Era Credible? Yes.
How to Trade with Bitcoin Era
Is Getting Started Really as Easy as it Seems? Yes.
How Does Bitcoin Era Work?
Important Online Features of Bitcoin Era
Can New Users Become Rich with Bitcoin Era?


Is Getting Started As Easy as it seems? Yes.

Many traders will agree that some applications have a daunting if not complicated user experience, not so with Bitcoin Era. The platform developed to enable new users to understand everything about the platform easily.

The primary requirements to open an account are a secure internet connection and a smartphone, laptop, or desktop device. A smartphone provides the convenience of monitoring your trades from virtually anywhere. Other than the €250 that you’ll be required when opening a live account, you won’t be required to make any more payments, subscriptions or registration fees. The €250 is the investment capital that you’ll trade with.

How Does Bitcoin Era Work?

To ease the burden on the user, Bitcoin Era is an automated system as was alluded to earlier. A human being per se does not decide on whether to place a trade or not. Instead, the intelligent algorithm in places does the weightlifting. It does this by going through data on digital currency. This includes but is not limited to global financial news, market analysis and relevant information regarding digital currency. With this information, Bitcoin Era proposes what to trade in and what not to trade-in. This is given because of the trading parameters that you will have set for your account.

Despite this, we advise our clients to take around 20 minutes in their account and update themselves on the market’s current situation.



Is my information safe on Bitcoin Era?

To enhance online security, Bitcoin Era uses an SSL certificate. These are online security protocols that encrypt any information shared online.

How much does it cost to open an account with Bitcoin Era?

It does not cost you anything to open a Bitcoin Era account. Opening an account is free.

Can other digital currency be withdrawn from the trading platform after making a profit?

At the moment, the platform converts your profits into your local currency. These are then deposited to your bank account, which is linked to your Bitcoin Era account.

Are there alternative digital currency trading platforms?

There exist other trading platforms such as Bitcoin Era. They include Capital, Code and Revolution, among digital currencies under their flagship names.

Is there a maximum limit of the amount of profit that I can make?

There is no limit as to the amount of profit you can make from this platform.

Is Bitcoin Era a pyramid scheme?

Bitcoin Era is not a pyramid scheme. We are a legitimate, award-winning digital currency software focused on making profit from digital currency.

How much time do I have to put into this?

You’ll be required to spend around 20 minutes a day on this trading platform. You’ll mainly be monitoring your trades and updating yourself on what’s happened in the markets.

Is it advisable to invest all my money in Bitcoin Era?

No, it is not. You should only invest money that you’ll be able to bear the loss. Therefore, only invest disposable income. At the same time, the digital market is a highly volatile market making it a risky investment. As an investor, you’re advised to make use of the stop-loss feature to prevent you from making huge losses.


Important Online Features of Bitcoin Era

We’ll outline some features for you that will help make your experience smooth and memorable. They’re as below.

Listed below are some key variables you must be known to:

Payout Feature

This feature calculates your profits at the end of your live trading session and deposits them into your Bitcoin Era account. This is an automated feature. It means that you’ll see the prompt appear as soon as you’ve closed your trade. It does not have any hidden fees.

Withdrawal Feature

Once you’ve made your money, you’ll want to withdraw it. This feature seamlessly allows you to transfer cash into your bank. You’ll be required to instruct the platform to withdraw money and expect your cash in 24 hours, an efficiency that is unmatched by our competitors, who may take up to two weeks.

Demo Trading Feature

By developing state of the art demo trading platform, the experience from a live and demo account are similar if not identical. This makes demo trading risk free practicing. Once you feel confident enough, you can switch to live trading.

Customer Service Feature

We have a round the clock customer service team that is dedicated to offering you support whenever you need it. Our customer service team is accessible via mail and chat.

Bitcoin Era


Can New Users Become Rich with Bitcoin Era?

Yes, it is possible for users of Bitcoin Era to collect a considerable amount of wealth. Through the use of various tools and features in the trading platform, we are confident enough to state that wealth isn’t a far-fetched dream. However, we’d advise users to be keen on a few tips that are very useful in their profit endeavors.

Hacks & Workarounds for a fresh user to trade profitably on the floor:

  • The Demo account: Make use of the demo account as it makes it easy for one trade after getting used to the platform. Decisions such as the currency pair to trade in or not will be made better once you’re comfortable with the platform.
  • Perform your own Research: It’s important to be in the know concerning the current trends in digital currencies.
  • The minimum Deposit: Starting with a pledge allows you to take your trades with confidence. As opposed to having a heavy deposit, our minimum deposit allows you to trade conveniently as you increase your profits by the day.



Bitcoin Era is an excellent, reliable and efficient trading platform that can be used in making money. Our analysis shows that it’s been designed to give users an incredible experience. The unique thing about this trading platform is that it’s automated. That means that trading decisions are not made by account holders but are made by the platform itself. The user’s role is mainly to monitor the running trades and be o the know concerning market trends and other relevant information. If ever there was an easy and convenient way to make money in the digital currency world, Bitcoin Era offers it in the form of this platform.


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