BitQS Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Securing a side income or an extra income source is nowadays not as much of a far cry as it used to be years ago. The deviceful and innovational online technology is breaking new ground, and becoming financially independent is not a pipe dream anymore for anyone. There are numerous applications and manners in which you can use online technology to purpose this out, just that you must know right from wrong. Let us do a BitQS review today, which we found to be of importance.

Our target while we performed this BitQS review was to scrutinize if it is resourceful enough for the purpose of generating income.

What Is BitQS?

A digital currency trading application, BitQS, takes into account market indications to make transactions. From our experience, the algorithm can do in seconds what it would take a human to do in days. It is cutting-edge technology that is always ahead of its time. This algorithm uses complex mathematical formulas to track the digitalcurrency market and worldwide news patterns in order to generate lucrative trading choices. By using the digital asset platform, customers may easily purchase, sell, and trade digital currencies with no human assistance. The program makes trading choices by combining information from the internet, including charts, patterns, and graphs. Registered brokers oversee all transactions. Based on our experiences, the algorithm can complete tasks in seconds rather than in days for a person. It is a state-of-the-art piece of technology that can quickly help new traders.

Is BitQS Credible? Yes.

BitQS is dependable, but calling it risk-free would not be precisely correct. As a rule of thumb, every investment carries with it some risk, and so does BitQS. But that must not question its credibility, just that it must require a little homework to be done before making the investment. From a technical stance, our research shows that BitQS does not carry errors or bugs and is absolutely reliable. The application is robust and resilient. You can practice before you go live with the demo feature, and the account creation process is pretty transparent too. Account managers and regulated brokers oversee account transactions.

Learn To Trade With BitQS

Creating a new account at BitQS is quick and straightforward to follow. We have done some testing and are happy to inform you that this step is unquestionably free.

Let us guide you via the steps:

  1. Registration

The good news is that we’ve discovered that the registration process is simple as anyone could imagine! You need to fill-up the form below, and one of the account managers would soon be in touch.

  1. Deposit

The second stage, which is the deposit process, is also fairly simple. A deposit of €250 is mandatory before you can begin live trading. Transactions shall happen online, but for your safety and security, BitQS is very well protected by an SSL certificate.

  1. Demo Account

This is one of the best features we found while analyzing BitQS. As a new user, you can keep on practicing trade until you are ready to hit the ground by going live. There is no restriction to that. And no money for this is required either! Practice, practice, practice – practice makes a man perfect!

  1. Live Trading

This is the next phase once you are comfortable with the demo practicing. Once you are satisfied with the demo practice, we recommend demo trade and then go for live trade. It shall set a good ground for all the know-how and any missed points until here. You can then easily set up your trading parameters and choices with the help of an account manager.

Is Getting Started As Simple as That, Really? Yes.

We have concluded that, yes, once you’ve explored a bit, getting started with BitQS is really that simple. And this really is great news for new users who are new to trading or new to such online apps that are used in trading.

Pre-requisites from a device point of view are just two – namely one, an internet connection and two, some form of hardware like a desktop or smartphone. A smartphone is a preferred choice of many users as the scenario is everchanging, and you might feel the need to stay informed at all times. And this also renders the users with the flexibility to trade from anywhere they physically travel. Next, a deposit is required before starting live trade, but that too is quite affordable, at a tag of just €250. Furthermore, this deposit is used as the first investment and is not a waste or dummy. There is no registration or subscription fee. This is pretty much what a fresh user needs to get started. Also, the account managers and the easily accessible customer support staff are at your disposal at all times, and they step in as soon as required.

How Does BitQS Work?

From our findings, we can guarantee that BitQS employs a smart mathematical algorithm built to scan the digital currency market and track the global stock and financial news to deploy the most valuable and critical data. The app then comes to trading decisions based on this data and its interpretation. And the best part is, it requires very little to no human intervention from your side. It will work on its own once you set the parameters. You can do so yourself or take the help of your broker, but that is all it will ask you for!

We do endorse 20 minutes of your time daily as you trade as a new trader. This will ensure that you are current and informed about the market and can change the trading parameters if required in a timely manner.


Is my data/info safe with BitQS?

BitQS makes use of an SSL certificate, an online security protocol that encrypts confidential information on the website.

Is there any charge or fee to open the new account?

No, BitQS has no charges at all in order to open a new account. It is totally free.

Is it possible to withdraw the digital currency from the platform once you make profits?

Inopportunely, this is not an option. BitQS will first convert your earnings to the local currency and then transfer it to your bank account, which you specified while setting up the account.

Are there any alternative digital trading platforms?

Positively yes. There are many similar trading, but you have to be cautious and vigilant of their authenticity.

Is there some maximum cap to the profit which can be made?

No, there is no limit to the profit that you can make from BitQS. The sky is the limit!

Is BitQS a pyramid scheme?

No, it is not. BitQS is a best in class award-winning software that allows you to make profits from digital currency trades.

How much time will I have to devote to this?

Statistics say that, on average, a user must spend at least 20 minutes daily.

Should I invest all my money in BitQS?

Please use only disposable income for investment in BitQS. The amount that you need or might need in the future must be kept aside, secure, as digital currencies are always unpredictable beyond a fair point. Starting small can be a good option. Also, try to make use of stop-loss features to avoid drowning in the sea of grief!

Important Online Features of BitQS

Some features of BitQS, depicted on the website, are helpful in trading successfully with a seamless user experience.

Here are some essential features you must be aware of:

Payout Feature

From the research, we know there is an automated payout functionality in BitQS. This is a striking feature, an option that works without needing a prompt. When you end a live trading session, the payout is calculated and automatically credited to your bank account without any hidden charge.

Withdrawal Feature

While other trading platforms usually might take 2 to 3 weeks to transfer money once requested for withdrawal, with BitQS, it is never more than 24 hours! So the money earned can be withdrawn quickly.

Demo Trading Feature

This is by far an excellent feature offered by BitQS as compared to other trading platforms. Anyone can try it free of charge and for as long as they desire. It is an excellent practice before you go for the actual live trading.

Customer Service Feature

Live chat and email are the two options to contact the customer service team, but their response time is really commendable. We tested in a couple of instances, and they always responded within seconds!

Can New Users also Become Rich with BitQS?

We have conducted very detailed and thorough research on BitQS, and it comes out that it has all the pre-requisites, help features and other features for a new user to be successful in digital currency trading, starting day 1. Hopefully, becoming rich should not be a problem!

Tips & Tricks for a new user to trade successfully on the platform:

  • Take advantage of the Demo account: Once you gain an understanding of how the demo account works, you’ll be able to choose the best currency pairs for maximum profit at any given time.
  • Do your homework: Always stay updated on the latest digital currency news and register on such forums, too, where the markets are analyzed.
  • Start small: Don’t be tempted to go huge in the first go. Overnight riches are rare, so be wise to start small, say with the minimum €250 and then increase incrementally to be on the safe side.

Our Conclusion:

BitQS has been added to our list for being one of the most reliable digital currency apps. It was a very smooth experience with BitQS and an excellent one too! It would not be wrong to say that BitQS open doors for new users who are ambitious to make money from digital currencies but are unaware of how to do it at the moment.

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